Beijing 2008 design? OK, but digital could make 2012 better

Regarding the question, ‘What’s the best piece of design work you’ve seen around the Beijing Olympics?’ (Voxpop, DW 14 August), most of the graphic design has been fairly predictable, although I like the Olympic mascots, which represent Chinese culture well, but I wouldn’t say it is a fantastic design.

Architecturally, the National Olympic Stadium in Beijing, dubbed the Bird’s Nest, would take a lot to beat for the best piece of design – it is an unusual, beautiful building.

Coming out of left field, some of the controversy surrounding the Olympics is pretty good, in particular the ‘Anti-Beijing’ Olympic logo smeared with blood.

I’ve read that digital has been effective so far in

functioning to recruit the Chinese public.

Most online campaigns have run around the theme of support, notably ‘Cheer for China’. One thing is for sure – while Beijing is the warm-up, London 2012 will be the first truly digital Olympic games and all eyes will be on sponsors to produce the right messaging.

Neil Svensen, Chief executive and creative director, Rufus Leonard, by e-mail

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