28 November 1996

Profit-related pay relief cut

The significant number of design consultancies operating profit-related pay (PRP) schemes are to be hit by Chancellor Kenneth Clarke’s budget announcement on Tuesday of the removal of tax relief for PRP. Clarke says the tax relief was introduced ten years ago to pump prime such pay schemes and, having worked, can no longer be justified. […]

Slinky Topaz is sheaths ahead of the rest

Hot news from Lyons Ames, the consultancy responsible for Topaz, the radical condom redesign featured on Diary two weeks ago. The consultancy has won a “lovely decanter” at the Packaging Innovation Awards 1996 for its work on Topaz, says partner Kerrin Lyons. So months of innuendo, cheap puns and saucy jokes at the research stage […]

Consultancy is a key to design’s future role

If design is to be taken seriously by UK business, corporate identity has to be one of the keys. Like architecture and product design, it’s a one-off “purchase” for many clients, but invariably involves decisions at the very top of a company and consistent commitment from senior management as it rolls out. If handled well, […]

Land takes to water

Land Design Studio is to fit out three galleries at the River and Rowing Museum Foundation in Henley-on-Thames. Working with Land are project co-ordinator Fraser Randall and creative script agency Words and Ideas. The three galleries form part of architect David Chipperfield’s building, due to open in 1998. They will receive a large part of […]

Artist sees his work blown up

Artist Henry Krokatsis’ work is being depicted in three 48-sheet posters going up around London. Tiny details of Krokatsis’ original paintings have been blown up to mammoth proportions and turned into posters. The effect is enhanced because Krokatsis, inspired by 1950s scenic postcards, coloured the figures with reflective paint used on road signs. “The end […]

Cambridge Arts Theatre:Cambridge Oxygenated

The Cambridge Arts Theatre will raise its curtain next month after a three-year closure. Public and Lottery funding totalling 8.3m has been pumped into its new interiors, created by architect Bland, Brown & Cole, and a new identity and signage system designed and implemented by Oxygen. The London group was originally brought in to create […]

Northern lights shine down on the Big Apple

Those Huddersfield lads at The Attik Design are going from strength to strength – first a London office and now a New York outfit, due to open on 2 January. But all has not gone smoothly on the Stateside recruiting front. Attik co-founder Will Travis, who will head up the new office, is struggling to […]

Putting in a good word

Patrick Baglee is appalled by the contemporary level of illiteracy in the UK. And, he says, designers are partly responsible for the death of the word. It’s time they took control of the literary content of a client brief – after all, what is being said i

New weekly tabloid set to hit the shelves

Britain’s latest tabloid newspaper, New Nation, has launched targeting the upwardly-mobile black community. “We want people to be proud to read this newspaper anywhere,” says Peter Pek, creative director of Morning Star Media, responsible for the design o

A case of unfin-ished history

It’s not only credit card ventures and design groups who want to reap the benefits of having a cold-blooded gilled animal swimming across their stationery. Other organisations, it turns out, also like being represented by the red Chinese carp. And, in fact, the goldfish logo concept was dreamt up long before Michael Wolff took authorship […]


‘We had done it for absolutely sod all’ Spin creative director Tony Brook on the naming of a CD-ROM which Spin designed for Booth-Clibborn Editions.

FontWorks tackles type piracy in new campaign

A new drive to stamp out pirate copying of typefaces has been launched to raise awareness of licensing laws. Initiated by type supplier FontWorks with Adobe and the Business Software Alliance, the campaign features a free guide setting out the latest rule

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