29 August 2002

All round good idea for a transport-based company

I was hardly surprised to discover Jim Ramsay’s letter (DW 1 August) drawing the Stagecoach UK Bus logo into the whirlpool of comparisons. We did indeed launch the new identity in question in late 2000, but, in fact, its first client presentation had been 18 months earlier and, like Paul Martin (DW 4 July) we […]

The Nest brews Russian coffee job

The Nest has been appointed to act as brand strategist for Russian coffee brand Ambassador, as part of the company’s move to increase market share in its rapidly growing eastern European market. The consultancy has been asked to deliver a brand audit, brand strategy and communications strategy in a project initially worth in the region […]

Brown Cow gets inside Matalan

Brown Cow has been appointed by discount fashion retailer Matalan to revamp interiors of its 160-strong chain of UK stores. The phased rollout will begin at the retailer’s newest stores in Bristol and Knaresborough, near Harrogate. It involves updating interior colours and layout to create a ‘brighter, modern feel’.


BDG McColl Workplace this week completed the first phase of an office interiors revamp for MBDA. The three-year-long project includes evaluation of furniture requirements for the organisation’s 2000 employees.

Fast food that inspires artists to play with their food

Remember Guildhall student Antoine Catala’s attempt at bringing art to the burger joint masses (Diary, DW 18 July)? He talked leading artists into donating pieces for an exhibition at Burger King. Well, it seems artist David Meldrum is one step ahead. He has sent us examples of his limited edition work, gracing a McDonalds interior […]


Manchester-based group Geo has designed a human-powered flying machine for the BBC. The machine, which will be used in the Birdman of Bognor event by a BBC children’s TV presenter, was designed on a limited budget and to tight timescales, according to Geo creative director Jeremy Offer.

Clearly communicate the work without all the pomp

We’re grateful of Douglas Cooper’s support for BrandGap’s recommendations (Letters, DW 15 August). As he points out, branding is suffering from its own image problem. Initially the result of journalists sacrificing accuracy or balanced reportage for sensational copy about millions squandered on re-launches, it is exacerbated by consultancies making grandiose claims about what we do. […]

With added fibre

Paper with ‘inclusions’ – from cannabis to money – is the latest trend to hit the rollers Miriam Cadji reports

Lawson mixes with Conran & Partners

Conran & Partners has collaborated with food writer and broadcaster Nigella Lawson on a range of kitchenware to be launched at this weekend’s Autumn Gift Fair at the Birmingham NEC.

John Lewis joins Acid campaign

John Lewis has become the first retailer to sign up to pressure group Anti Copying In Design’s code of conduct against copyright theft of product design. Acid has targeted nine retailers and seven hotel groups as part of the first phase of a campaign that aims to protect designers’ intellectual property rights by preventing stolen […]

Flicking signs at passing motorists gets attention

Here’s a modern connundrum: A flash git in a convertible pulls up next to you at the lights, revving and generally egging you on. The natural instinct is to wind down the window and tell him to feck off, but the prospective mother-in-law is ensconced in the backseat. How do you save face without offending […]

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