College leavers should get a chance

Hands up, we were guilty of insisting on a minimum two years’ experience for our junior design positions (Letters, DW 16 July), until three years ago.

We then decided it was unfair to exclude college leavers on this catch 22 basis. Our next ads (which did not specify a minimum period) prompted over 100 replies and we ended up with a very capable young designer.

We have replicated it a second time since, equally well.

Benefits to the employer are lower initial salaries, increased loyalty, an injection of “new blood” ideas and they’re darn quick to learn. We did put those shortlisted through a basic Mac test – but we test all freelances and senior designers now any way (everyone says they’re an “expert”).

If a few more consultancy bosses took a similar view there would be a lot less despondent young designers around.

On a related point, it amazes me how dire some of the CVs are that you receive. It’s not a very promising start if you shoot yourself in the foot with your first communication.

David Ward Streeter

Managing director

Eventer Design Group

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