Lack of diversity in design

I feel I have to respond to the letter on ageism in the design industry (DW 15 June). I sympathise with the writer, but someone is doing something about it – the Government is making age discrimination illegal from October, giving older (and younger) workers protection in law.

I also wish to defend recruitment agencies. They operate in an industry that lacks diversity and suffers from others in the industry doing little to change that.

The design industry has a problem with all aspects of diversity. That is why Salterbaxter, with the support of the London Design Festival, the Design Council, the Design Business Association and others, is carrying out a survey into diversity in the industry.

The survey will document the figures and challenge the industry to act. It will look initially at consultancies, but, with enough help and support, it will open up the debate throughout the industry and see where we can improve diversity. To get involved, visit

David Boyle, Head of operations, Salterbaxter, London W8

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