Colleges are letting their graduates down

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I am a very frustrated and angry design graduate. I was under the illusion that going to college would lead to employment in my chosen career of design, but the stark reality has hit hard. In fact, it seems that I am just as unemployable as I was when considering which college to go to six years ago.

I wonder how the college system has become, in many cases, a failure. It is very apparent that most design colleges’ main emphasis is bums on seats.

Wouldn’t it be fairer if only the more suitable candidates were offered places to enable the colleges to provide better facilities for individuals. There’s no doubt that there is a lack of finance available, but this really shouldn’t be the case.

Are we really providing for the design industry in the best way we can? Are companies showing enough interest in the college product? After all, it is their source of employees. As far as I am aware, the design industry is in a pretty buoyant mood after emerging from a lull.

When building something big, laying a strong foundation is ultimately important. A weak foundation is asking for trouble. Almost invariably it will crash down around you.

Being a keen football fan and Liverpool supporter I can make the comparison of what occurs when the grass roots level is ignored. It is something the English football fan has borne witness to in the last two decades of failure at both national and international levels.

Could the same thing happen in design?

Vuyo Fazakerley

London E9

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