Eight new partners to join FRCH Worldwide

US multidisciplinary design consultancy FRCH Worldwide is restructuring with the introduction of more than eight new partners over the next year and a half. “It’s part of a long-term ownership

Accelerated development

Ford’s incredible computer system is allowing its designers greater freedom to produce exciting designs in a much shorter time, as well as aiding them in getting closer to the consumer.

Dyson in book row

British inventor James Dyson is next week to defend himself against an injunction which seeks to prevent the publication of his autobiography, served by American corporation Amway. Dyson sued Amway

For a few dollars more

So aggressive has merchandising of our favourite Hollywood characters and cartoons become, that Yolanda Zappaterra asks whether a film nowadays is just a means to an end for the industry


The theme for Expo 98 in Lisbon is The Oceans: A Future Heritage. HP:ICM, which won the Foreign & Commonwealth Office bid to design, produce and manage the UK pavilion,

No Conran presents says Rodney Fitch

Remaining staff at Rodney Fitch have been asked to shell out for quite a few leaving presents lately, what with one thing and another. Luckily, the consultancy’s central London office


Taking place on 3 June at the National Motorcycle Museum in Solihull is a conference titled Packaging minimisation – the way of the future? Now the packaging waste regulations have

Knickerbox appoints 20/20

Retailer Knickerbox has confirmed the appointment of 20/20 Design and Strategy Consultants to rebrand its interiors and store facias to create a more up-to-date and cohesive image. The group will

Medieval church alters image

A medieval church is using modern design to push itself “into the marketplace” after years of neglect and underfunding. – All Saints church in Hereford will reopen at the beginning

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