Gritty London reality

Gary Oldman makes his debut as director with the highly praised film Nil By Mouth. Matthew Valentine looks at the evocative book of Jack English’s photographs

NHS launches anniversary logo

The National Health Service is launching an identity to celebrate its 50th anniversary in July. The Team design group created the logo after a paid creative pitch against First Impression

CSD medal for Foster

Architect Sir Norman Foster was due to receive the CSD Medal at the Chartered Society of Designers’ annual Minerva dinner on Wednesday evening. The medal is awarded for lifetime achievement

Roche unveils vitamin brand

Tynan D’Arcy in Windsor has created the brand identity and packaging for a range of mineral and vitamin products to be launched across 60 markets by Swiss pharmaceuticals group Roche.

Vorderman’s a tease

Fans of Countdown, the long-running gameshow, will soon have an irresistible opportunity: the chance to play Rub ‘n’ Reveal with hostess Carol Vorderman. The star has launched her own range

Jaques Russell looks towards big screen

The Moving Picture Company has unveiled its new corporate identity and brochure, created by Jaques Russell. The project marks an increasing focus by the Soho consultancy on film-related work. Jaques

Architect and artefact

When it comes to product design, architects can produce the goods, as Sir Norman Foster’s CSD Medal indicates. Hugh Pearman looks into prefabrication to discover how architects manage to steal

Dumas quits Council

The Design Council is to appoint a new director of research following the resignation of Dr Angela Dumas. Dumas is leaving at the end of August to pursue a research

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