29 November 2001

Picture book

Adrian Shaughnessy finds out how publishers, writers and illustrators are trying to keep kids enthralled by books as all the modern-day distractions surround them


Architect Munkenbeck & Marshall is creating the interiors for a Selfridges retail outlet in Manchester, which opens in February 2002.

Xian airport gets Design Solution

The Design Solution has been appointed to create retail planning concepts for a new terminal at China’s Xian Airport. The consultancy, which will command a fee of between £25 000


Textile manufacturer Milliken is collaborating with designer Michael Jenner throughout December in its London studio, designed by Conran Design Group. Jenner’s abstract ‘flipdesigns’ will be applied to Milliken carpets.

Hair at its Hairiest

What is it about naked geezers and album covers? No sooner had we recovered from Ricky Tomlinson’s recently launched CD Music My Arse, than graphic designer Claire Furnish sent the

Groups taxi for T5 take off

Last week’s go ahead for the building of Terminal 5 will mean lucrative work for consultancies but some unique challenges. Brandon Cheevers investigates


Three Tucker Clarke-Williams Creative employees have been made redundant following its acquisition by Magneto Interactive last week. No-one from TCWC has claimed a seat on the board of Magneto TCW.

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