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The US-based Creativity website (a monthly magazine until 2009), asks if we are really post-digital yet. Writers Teressa Iezzi and Ann-Christine Diaz look at how the creative industry and marketing businesses have moved beyond the digital age by doing work that is no longer obviously ’digital’.
Dave Trott’s creative thinking and critique blog this week tackles the crucial topic of why we need designers. Trott looks back to the age when you had to make things yourself, and puts forward suggestions as to when the designer was ’invented’ and how designers have differed throughout the ages.
Ever wondered which bits of London get photographed the most? Well, via the Londonist site, now you can find out. Eric Fischer has used more than 73 000 photos from Flickr and Picasa, overlaid on an Open Street Map layer, to generate a view of London displaying the most often snapped locations.
The RSA Design Directions 2009/10 winners are now on display in this online exhibition. The winning entries illustrate the appetite of young designers to demonstrate clear ethical values in their work, as they respond to some of the challenges of contemporary life in thoughtful and design-led ways.

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