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On the pulse

The growing value of illustration and print is not lost on ceramist and designer Pacharapong Suntanaphan. Better known as Yod, or by studio name Visuallyod, he launched Curate 40 to support new talent and designers, as well as established but little-known consultancies. Keen to spot and present emerging design trends, Visuallyod is organising an exhibition […]

Cover of the June issue of Wired UK magazine

Varnished truths

Excessive foiling and other over-the-top print processes have been out of favour recently, reflecting more austere economic times, perhaps. But applied with intelligence and consideration – and in moderation – such finishes can play an effective part in a range of projects, finds Anna Richardson

The official Fifa World Cup South Africa 2010 poster, designed by Switch

The beautiful effect

The upcoming football World Cup has accelerated urban development in South Africa and helped kick-start a range of local initiatives, despite Fifa’s tight grip on the official branding. Lynda Relph-Knight looks at how some of the cities that are hosting games are presenting themselves to visitors

Hugo Manassei

Profile: Participle

With a new Government fired up about reforming the welfare state, the zeitgeist-embracing ideas of this radical service design group could move centre stage. Gina Lovett talks to founding partner Hugo Manassei about social renaissance


Dalton Maag has designed a font that will compete with ’over-hyped’ Helvetica. Which design icon would you like to design a challenger for, and why?

Let’s use digital tools to get the voting system right

We believe the most powerful way to design solutions is through collaboration with the end user, in this case the voting public (Voxpop, DW 20 May). Taking the voting system into the 21st century would require a 21st-century programme of discovery – we’d employ all of our favourite social networking and digital tools to uncover […]

Sales moving online could affect marketing budgets

Procter & Gamble’s decision to sell its brands direct to US consumers online, via its e-store site, is a clear sign that the traditional business model between retailers and suppliers continues to be shaken up. However, this latest initiative could potentially have wider – and major -implications, if it is successfully embraced by other brand-owners.All […]

The new bus is stylish, but is it efficient?

The ’Boris Bus’ is a very stylish piece of work and it is a brilliant idea to have windows by the front stairs (www.designweek.co.uk, 17 May). The window at the back is likely to be expensive. Have tests been carried out to assess boarding time, though? We once carried a two-year study at Ogle for […]

Inspired: Stuart Price – Thoughtful

For me, the D&AD’s Black Pencil award simply radiates inspiration. Here are just a few reasons why: The Great Schlep, Autumn Intrusion, Fruit and Veg stamps, Million, All is Full of Love, Guinness Surfer, Harvey Nichols packaging, Volvo’s Twister, Channel 4’s identity, the National Gallery’s Grand Tour, …comment, Cadbury’s Gorilla, ’Grr’, Nike Plus, the Millau […]

Best of the Web

http://tiny.cc/d9cnbThe US-based Creativity website (a monthly magazine until 2009), asks if we are really post-digital yet. Writers Teressa Iezzi and Ann-Christine Diaz look at how the creative industry and marketing businesses have moved beyond the digital age by doing work that is no longer obviously ’digital’. http://tiny.cc/pqibhDave Trott’s creative thinking and critique blog this week […]

The ultimate result

Redesigning a mere country? We must go further and design nature itself, if we are to avoid environmental disaster, argues Bruce Mau. Adrian Shaughnessy is spellbound by the master

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