30 April 2009

Winging it

Whoever had the idea of sending design duo Alistair McAuley and Paul Simmons of Timorous Beasties into the dusty corridors of Museums Sheffield to scour the Ruskin Collection deserves applause. Victorian artist and writer John Ruskin amassed a treasure trove of art and artefacts, including more than 6300 ornithological prints – a dream stomping ground […]


Jonathan Ive has blamed the rise of rapid prototyping for distancing designers from the physical process of design and creating ‘a lot of lousy design’. What’s your view, and why? Jonathan Ive is right, but only if you work where rapid prototyping is commonplace and gets used willy-nilly. At Factory Design, we have a workshop […]

Don’t throw away the creativity with the cow gum…

I enjoyed Michael Peters’ nostalgic article (A lost world, DW 26 March). I loved the feel and smell of cow gum, too, and all the paraphernalia that he remembers. For me, at that time in Wolff Olins, I remember three things particularly: the look of fresh proofs from precisely cut metal fonts; the joy of […]

Unfair competition, yes, but design will survive

I read with interest Sebastian Conran joining the ‘universities are competing with designers’ debate (Sounding off, DW 16 April). We came across this problem some time ago. I recall Jim Dawton and I quizzed friends from Cardiff PDR in late 2007 on whether their costs were commercially correct, their links to facilities appropriate and sought […]

An east London fun palace, 50 years before London 2012

Last week, you posed the questions, ‘What is your favourite design that never saw the light of day, and why?’ (Voxpop, DW 23 April). My favourite would be the 1960-61 design for a fun palace in east London, by Cedric Price, a radical forward-thinking architect who proposed an innovative time-based piece of architecture that would […]

Inspired, Kevin Gill: Judge Gill

‘A Day at El Bulli/ An Insight into the Ideas, Methods and Creativity of Ferran Adrià’ allows unprecedented access to one of the world’s most famous, sought-after and mysterious restaurants.But for me, Adrià has shown the way for all creatives and creative businesses to evolve through a defined process of constant evolution.His creative workshops put […]

Nigel Coates

Designer and architect Nigel Coates has created three new ceiling light collections for Italian lighting company Slamp. The Creatures collection, inspired by sea urchins, is available in green, blue or orange. Circular pendant lamp Corona features curved diamond shapes around a core of nine lamps. The laurel wreath-inspired Pacis (pictured) fits magnetically over a light […]

Buxton Festival

Manchester group Glorious Creative has rebranded the Buxton Festival, which runs from 10-28 July. It created the brochure, programme and identity which, says director Scott McCubbin, was inspired by Buxton Opera House’s mosaic flooring.

Illustrator Sara Fanelli

Illustrator Sara Fanelli has collaborated with art and design students from Kingston University in Surrey to create a 3D environment to reflect her work, as part of her Stanley Picker Fellowship. The installation, opening today, will form part of an exhibition – Six Characters in Search of an Author – at the Stanley Picker Gallery […]

Going Wild

London consultancy I Want has redeveloped the London Wildlife Trust’s publication Going Wild, which raises awareness of free events and volunteering opportunities across the capital. I Want has created original illustrations using native London wild species.

Brands urged to use digital approach

Brands need to offer consumers increasingly innovative digital experiences when selling their products, according to a host of digital experts convening next week to discuss the state of the sector as digital advertising revenues drop.‘People are not interested in marketing messages. Brands need to give out experiences as well as raise awareness,’ says Petri Lattu, […]

The budget proves disappointing for design

The Chancellor’s latest Budget was a disappointment for many business experts in the industry. Emily Pacey reports on their concernsThe design industry found little solace in last week’s Budget, as it girds itself for what the Chancellor of the Exchequer Alistair Darling admits is a ‘deepening global recession’.‘I am disappointed that there is nothing geared […]

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