Heroes series sparks old memories and respect

Cunningham? Keith Cunningham? Yes, I remember him from my own time at the London College of Printing. Distant memories, emotions and enthusiasms are revived by Mike Dempsey’s feature (DW 16 August).

Also revived is the realisation of perhaps not having made the most of the remarkable people who ‘taught’ us all those years ago – the Cunninghams, Dworkins, Eckersleys, Gillards, Brandts and others.

Perhaps we were (or I was) too timid to treat most of them as other than distant figures to be respected or (inappropriately) ridiculed. I made true contact with one or two, but no more.

I hope that present-day students will show more self-assurance than I and most of my peers did in getting to know the hidden depths and talents of those who ‘teach’ them.

Chris Ludlow

Senior consultant

Henrion, Ludlow & Schmidt


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