Launch of Design Association shows some desperation

Has the entire world gone mad, or is it just me?

Surely we are blessed – some would say over-burdened – with enough organisations which look after the creative services in this country.

There are a bewildering number of professional bodies and associations, even viewed from within the profession – so what must it be like for the rest of the business world?

The Chartered Society of Designers has been gradually disintegrating over the past ten years and this ‘initiative’ [the launch of the Design Association] seems to be a desperate lunge at maintaining a presence in the design business community.

My recollection is that the Design Business Association was born out of the CSD some 20 years ago (and many would argue that they should still be one entity).

So what a shocking lack of creativity is demonstrated by now creating the, er… Design Association. It’s madness.

Peter Tennent, Factory Design, London W6

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