Studio Weave is aiming to create the world’s longest bench in seaside town Littlehampton. Which world record would you like to break, and why?

I would like to create the world’s largest 3D sound environment, possibly in the Grand Canyon. To be honest, my company Illustrious probably already holds the record for the 3D soundscape we created in Mexico City a couple of years ago. On a similar theme, I’d like to break the world record for the biggest number of major world cities captured in immersive sound – we’ve already had large-scale exhibitions featuring the soundlife of London, Venice and Mexico City. Failing that – the world record for the highest fee paid for a soundscape.
Martyn Ware, Sound designer

I would like to hold the world record for long life. This isn’t because I’m afraid of dying, nor because I think my contribution to life is anything special. It’s because anybody who studies the future aches to know how things actually turn out. I’m now writing about the middle of this century and I’d love to live to the point at which computers become as clever as humans, and then go on to surpass us. Are they our successor species, or will we be able to control them?
Ray Hammond, Futurologist

On the basis that inspiration comes from what’s right in front of you, my world record attempt would be to create the longest line of empty wine bottles. Examine the evidence: the appreciation of each and every beautifully designed label, considered bottle shape and translucent colour of glass. Don’t forget the nose, the taste, the legs and the terroir. I will also need my friends and family to help. Whose round is it? Cheers.
Ron Cregan, Business strategy director, Navyblue

I would love to unite all of the outstanding poets in the UK in order to orchestrate a continuous prose poem. It would be embedded typographically into the road. It would run from Land’s End to John O’Groats. If the idea were to take off, I would like to see it continued from France to the furthest point east. I think the idea of connecting the world with a continuous narrative on the theme of the goodness in mankind would make a powerful statement.
Mike Dempsey, Studio Dempsey

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