Boots The Chemists

Concept: Boots Well-Being

Concept: Boots Well-Being

Design: ERA

Boots The Chemists is to open its first health-and-fitness centre this summer. It is a continuation of the brand’s recent diversification into health-and-beauty services such as dentistry, chiropody and opticians and if successful, will be the first of many.

The first site at Greenford in north London is alongside a Boots out-of-town store an

d will be designed by ERA, which designed the two pilot Health & Beauty Experience Centres in London’s Kensington High Street and Milton Keynes.

The non-membership offer, provisionally known as Body 360, will be called the Boots Well-Being Centre. The emphasis, says Boots The Chemists senior project manager David Ashcroft, is on providing whatever it takes for customers to make the best of life.

‘There are lots of different ways of approaching well-being. Some people feel really good buying a product; others with a treatment that makes you feel good. The ultimate expression of that is a day spa,’ he explains.

The Boots Well-Being Centre will include a pool, sauna, steam room, jacuzzi, studio, gym plus treatment rooms, a café, hair salon and seminar rooms to teach nutrition and lifeskills.

‘It will appeal to a predominantly female audience – people who feel slightly intimidated by the current pitch of health clubs which rely on you being confident about your body type. We wanted a more inclusive feel to the club. It’s for everyday people wanting to make the best of their lives,’ adds Ashcroft.

The non-intimidating atmosphere is set at the entrance to the 3000m2 centre, which is shared with the Boots store to create a welcoming environment. This is followed by a caf̩ and some retail to give an easy graduation into the private areas Рtreatment rooms, studio, the spa, and the mezzanine gym.

Design consultancy ERA is planning a warm, contemporary interior using plenty of natural materials, as it did in the in-store health-and-beauty schemes. Timber is incorporated in key areas, such as the reception and café, where it is combined with citrus colours.

A relaxation area has big, comfortable and colourful sofas, where users can browse books from the health-and-fitness library.

Even the fitness areas will have a relaxing atmosphere – achieved in the pool area by lighting and with natural materials in the gym. This will be subdivided by colourful mobile screens to make user groups feel more comfortable.

A Boots spokesman says, ‘We know people are taking more of an interest in their well-being. People expect to live longer and have money to look after themselves. Boots is the best brand to capitalise on that. ‘We know we’re the most trusted brand in Britain and we can make those [health-and-fitness] services available with a name you can trust.’

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