Dr Rock hosts a jukebox that is just for designers

Further to Jim Davies’s interesting article on design on radio, readers may be interested to know that a local BBC radio show in north Yorkshire has for many years featured design luminaries talking extensively about their work.

Presented by Charles White, biographer of Little Richard and Jerry Lee Lewis, the show, unusually for the medium, devotes its entire, two-hour slot to the guest, interspersed by their favourite music.

Essentially a rock’n’roll/ blues programme, the Dr Rock show on BBC Radio York has included on its guest list figures such as Sir Christopher Frayling, Richard Seymour, Sir Peter Blake, Neal Potter, John Sunderland and – most recently – Michael Johnson.

The latest designer to enter the Doc’s surgery will be museum designer Richard Fowler. The programme is due to be broadcast on Sunday 1 July between 5-7pm in the station’s area only, but is also available on the BBC Radio York website for a week after transmission.

Patrick Argent, Co-producer, Dr Rock show, by e-mail

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