Design in 2016 – what will graphic design look like?

As part of our series on the future of design in 2016 Somerset House curator and Pick Me Up co-curator Karishma Rafferty looks at what will happen in graphic design over the next 12 months.

Karishma Rafferty

What do you think 2016 will hold for graphic design?

“The world feels full of crises — arts education crisis, housing crisis, refugee crisis, climate crisis. I love beautifully designed books, identities and type but in 2016 graphic design that does something positive, conscientious and innovative is what we need more of.

“For our Pick Me Up festival at Somerset House this year we are working with Hato Press on the visual identity and the focus is on the idea of community as part of our broader Utopia 2016 celebration.

“Graphic design is an industry full of intelligent, caring, talented communicators. In 2016 how can we help each other and future generations of designers impact on this changing world for the better?”

What was your favourite graphic design project in 2015?


“The Brandilism campaign in Paris during the UN Cop21 international climate change conference is up there in my favourite projects of 2015. The group of artists hijacked outdoor advertising space and the campaign included work by designers Jonathan Barnbrook, Noel Douglas/Occupy Design and illustrator Jon Burgerman. It felt very apt and successful as thought provoking visual protest in 2015.”

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