KP Nuts reveals “vibrant” new packaging design

Consultancy Coley Porter Bell has redesigned the packaging for nut brand KP Nuts, adding “golden rays” of sunshine that extend from the logo.


Coley Porter Bell has redesigned the packaging for KP Nuts, which the consultancy says adds “vibrancy” to the nut brand.

The new pack design sees updated foil packaging, with “striking” sun rays that aim to “bring the KP logo to life”, says Coley Porter Bell.

The design has also ditched the “Best quality nuts” slogan on the top left corner, updated the photography, and changed the typeface featured on the packet from Friz Quadrata to the “more contemporary-looking” sans-serif Bliss.

Colour shades have also been blended and mingled together on the new packaging, where navy blue and light blue were previously clearly separated.

The packaging change is in aid of keeping the brand “up to date and engaging”, says the consultancy, and aims to reflect “sociability, vibrancy and positive moments”.

It comes as part of an “innovation drive” from KP Nuts that has seen the brand expand into new varieties such as double oven-baked nuts.

KP Nuts is owned by KP Snacks, which is also home to crisp brands such as McCoy’s, Hula Hoops, Skips and Wheat Crunchies.

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