Showing goodwill isn’t sinister – it’ll boost business…

Regarding Emily Pacey’s online story ‘DBA slams consultancy’s free design day’ (, 27 November) – come on. What are we all so scared of here? Giving advice for free?

NS Design’s initiative is clearly a promotional exercise aimed at drumming up new business, nothing more sinister than that.

I think this is an over-reaction on the part of the Design Business Association. NS Design is obviously offering its time to talk and discuss creative ideas, which is something we all have to do in order to drum up new business.

Embracing these types of questions can only be a positive thing in building constructive and creative relationships with clients, something that the vast majority of tendering processes are making virtually impossible.

Our doors are always open to offer our advice. Who knows – we might get a job out of it.

Tony Dunworth, Skratch Design, Glasgow G1 5RA

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