4 December 2008

News in Pictures

Shout Design has completed the annual review for the Creative Learning Agency, which is being released this week.

Colour junky

Given a CV that includes heroin dealing, homicide and frequent criminal proceedings, not to mention stints in 1950s Mexico and Tangier when they were even more wild and windy than


NS Design will ‘play Santa’ by offering its services for free on19 December, in the hope of meeting potential clients. What is the most successful strategy for attracting new business


Michelangelo believed David was in the piece of stone that stood before him – all he had to do was get it out.Three years of his life were devoted to

Armageddon revisited

Was the Cold War all about kitchens? And do we need the threat of disaster to produce daring work? A visit to the V&A gets Adrian Shaughnessy thinking

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