4 December 2008

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Shout Design has completed the annual review for the
Creative Learning Agency, which is being released this week.

Colour junky

Given a CV that includes heroin dealing, homicide and frequent criminal proceedings, not to mention stints in 1950s Mexico and Tangier when they were even more wild and windy than they are now, the note files of William S Burroughs – US manila filefolder

…and the DBA was wrong to rush to criticise the group

I think NS Design’s proposed free design day is a great idea (www.designweek.co.uk, 27 November). For the consultancy, it will perhaps draw more clients in, and for those that haven’t used a design consultancy before, it might just get them started. The Design Business Association should be ashamed of this criticism. I carried out a […]

Showing goodwill isn’t sinister – it’ll boost business…

Regarding Emily Pacey’s online story ‘DBA slams consultancy’s free design day’ (www.designweek.co.uk, 27 November) – come on. What are we all so scared of here? Giving advice for free? NS Design’s initiative is clearly a promotional exercise aimed at drumming up new business, nothing more sinister than that. I think this is an over-reaction on […]


NS Design will ‘play Santa’ by offering its services for free on19 December, in the hope of meeting potential clients. What is the most successful strategy for attracting new business you have used? Our business is about long-term relationships. It’s about developing a mutual understanding between client and consultancy. The best way to achieve this […]

It’s a shame London Mayor can’t support design across the UK

It’s good to see London Mayor Boris Johnson taking the lead to support the creative sector, although it’s a pity that his remit stops in London (www.designweek.co.uk, 24 November). My guess is that he is in all probability referring to the larger design consultancies in the capital and not the thousands of struggling designers in […]


Michelangelo believed David was in the piece of stone that stood before him – all he had to do was get it out.Three years of his life were devoted to the job of creating the work that left me standing rooted to the spot in Florence 30 years ago. How could it be so inspiring […]

Armageddon revisited

Was the Cold War all about kitchens? And do we need
the threat of disaster to produce daring work? A visit
to the V&A gets Adrian Shaughnessy thinking

Accountability is key for the industry in a tougher climate

Whoever said ‘It’s not about the winning but about the taking part’ wasn’t thinking about design. Winning is a key motivator in the industry, be it a pitch or an award. Success is, after all, a ticket to doing what designers enjoy most – creating great work.But, as we celebrate Design Week’s Benchmarks for the […]

Hemisphere creates Imperial War Museum North show

Imperial War Museum North has appointed Hemisphere to create its major 2009 exhibition, Prisoners of War.The Manchester-based consultancy won an unpaid creative pitch against three other groups in October. It has since been briefed to create a show that will appeal to a broad audience, from children to war veterans.The nine-month-long show will be in […]

Bath tenders for £1.5m street furniture and wayfinding briefs

Consultancies are currently being brought on to two shortlists, for projects worth a total of £1.5m, to create a wayfinding system and street furniture in Bath.One of the tenders, worth £1m, is seeking a consultancy to provide a multi-modal wayfinding system for the city, including information planning, graphic and information design, cartography and product design.The […]

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