11 December 2008

A load of symbollocks

Large-scale public art symbolising regional identity is nothing new – novelist GK Chesterton predicted the idea more than a century ago, says Hugh Pearman

Design Council in mentor plan

The Design Council plans to pair designers with university technology transfer officersto help bring scientific innovations to market. It will launch a competition early next year to find appropriate projects,

News in Pictures

Sky and the BBC have unveiled their new Christmas idents. Designed by Sky Creative, the Sky 1, 2 and 3 idents launched on Sunday, based around a theme of three

Tsar quality

In craftsmanship, the endorsement ‘By appointment to the Russian Imperial Court’ was a distinction without equal.

Keep it simple to stay strong

The recession needn’t be just about gloom and doom. Jonathan Sands believes that we may be entering one of the most exciting periods in our history


Ad agency Brothers & Sisters boarded a plane which performed a series of parabolic dives to film a National Geographic ident in zero gravity. What is the most dangerous situation


In April 1951, so the legend goes, Jack Kerouac turned up at his mother’s house, parked his knapsack and sat down to write the story of his meandering road trips.

News in Pictures

Landor Associates designer Brett Stabler has created an identity and supporting materials for hypnotherapist and life coach Jack Karney.

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