4 October 2007

Miles of aisles

Its biggest rival is rebranding, and sales of its core products are in steady decline. Can a new store format revive the fortunes of HMV? Clare Dowdy braves a Black

We’re all Innocent

Suddenly, a whole range of UK food brands are using a faux-naif, child-like style to market their products. But is the Innocent approach already worn thin by all those jumping

Digital fusion

When East and West – and art and technology – meet in the new media arena, anything can happen. Yolanda Zappaterra previews some intriguing work that’ll be on show at

Gadgetshop rebrands but delays relaunch

Gadgetshop this week unveils new branding and packaging while searching for a pitch for an interiors group to implement Arthur Steen Horne Adamson’s blueprints for its retail estate. The retailer

Sex education

Tracing the representation of sex from antiquity to the present, the Barbican’s forthcoming art blockbuster, Seduced, suggests parallels between erotic and aesthetic pleasure, and so questions the distinction between pornography

Keep your deal in safe hands

Jeremy Sice reveals what he learned sealing the SAS deal with Publicis last month As someone who has never been through an acquisition before I must admit that at times


After a stint as curator at the Design Museum, Libby Sellers has taken the plunge and opened her own gallery space – albeit a temporary one. She tells Trish Lorenz

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