Bottlegreen cordial redesigns packaging to keep brand “fresh”

The soft drinks brand Bottlegreen Drinks has refreshed its packaging to give it more of a “hand-drawn” feel, and to allude to champagne with its sparkling range.


Cordial drinks brand Bottlegreen has had a refresh of its packaging design, with the aim of giving it more “movement and artistry”.

Ziggurat Brands completed the project, and was the consultancy behind the brand’s last redesign in 2011.

“Keep it fresh”

While the last redesign saw a completely new brand identity with change in imagery, typeface and logo, the purpose of this year’s was to “elevate” the brand and “keep it fresh”, says Chris Mettrick, creative director at Ziggurat.

The Bottlegreen range includes cordials, sparkling drinks and tonics, which have all been given a slightly different design purpose, Mettrick says.


The logo for all three has been redrawn by hand to give the brand a “softer, more approachable” feel, he says.

“It had quite a mechanical style before, which does lack the elegance you get from hand-drawing,” he says. “We’ve made it more tactile, and it has more movement.”

The consultancy aimed for the cordial range to retain this “hand-drawn, flowing” feel, he says, with the addition of a “tag” for labelling the flavour, which “interacts with the illustrations more”, Mettrick says.

Mimicking champagne bottles

The sparkling drinks have “more flare within the illustration and are more “expressive”, he says, with a second level of abstract illustration created through brush marks sitting behind the image of the ingredient. They also include “more quality cues” such as large lower labels and a neck label, which aim to make the range “allude to champagne”, he says.

For the tonic drinks, the image of a stirrer has been created out of negative space to create the idea of a stirrer “without explicitly showing it,” Mettrick says, to imply “understated elegance”.

Colour tops have been added to the caps of all the bottles to portray flavour variants, and the main label has been changed from white to clear and moved from the back to the side, so as “not to interfere” with the bottle.

The new design has begun rolling out across point of sales products. The consultancy is also involved in helping to redesign the brand’s website, which is currently in progress.

Bottlegreen Drinks, owned by SHS Drinks, was founded in 1989.

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  • Lucinda Barraclough July 23, 2018 at 1:04 pm

    how do you open the metal covered tops? I am handicapped an had to go to a neighbours who opened with a Stanley knife, I can open the screw top but the metal covering defeated me.

  • Lucinda Barraclough July 23, 2018 at 1:08 pm

    bought a new bottle elderflower, my favourite, BUT the metal foil top was impossible to open. I am elderly so had to wait till a neighbour came home from work and opened it with a stanley knife. The screw to I can manage but the cover was impossible. Help please.

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