An announcement of the winners of around 250 000 in Government funding for design projects distributed by the Design Council has been delayed until next week.

Bamber Forsyth has designed a new brand identity for Logotron, the educational software arm of publisher Addison Wesley Longman.

Virgin is relaunching its Virgin Lips soft drinks in packaging created by Start Design and Virgin Cola’s in-house team.

Irish rock stalwarts U2 released their new album this week with the sleeve designed by Shaughn McGrath and Steve Averill at Dublin’s ABA. The CD booklet offers a choice of manipulated Anton Corbijn photographs of U2’s four members. Fans who lean towards The Edge more than Bono, for instance, can refold the booklet to put the guitarist in the forefront and the vocalist inside. The release of Pop also sees the introduction of a hologram sticker to the CD case, bearing an interpretation of the Island Record’s identity by designer Chris Levine, based at London studio eye’see. The hologram should be used on future Island releases.

An exhibition, From Gold to Paper Currency, has opened at the Bank of England Museum, with identity, graphics and a booklet by design group Tuch.

Morrison Eaglen Design in Brighton is redesigning one floor of Southampton nightclub The Rhino Club.

The Old and New Media Reading Table, a concept developed by the Society for Old and New Media, has won the Rotterdam Design Prize, organised by the Rotterdam Arts Council.

Spencer Landor has designed the identity for Turtle Alert!, a campaign by the World Society for the Protection of Animals.

Italian car design champion Nuccio Bertone has died aged 82.

Zanders Classic paper is available from Zanders Fine Papers and not from Inveresk as stated in last month’s paper feature (DW 21 February).

The screen grabs supplied by Lost In Space for the article on Channel 4’s daytime programming were designed by the consultancy for a children’s watch advertisement for continental Europe (DW 28 February).

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