There’s no excuse for being rude to your candidates

I’d like to sound a note of caution to all graduates – after the interview, get used to being left in the dark, for there seems to be a lack of etiquette in informing candidates in our industry.

A sudden influx of work or a pitch opportunity can draw the attention of the creative director away from making a decision, but how long does it take in a quick e-mail to inform someone they are not right for the role?

The pity is we begin to accept this as the norm. I’ve even been called back in for a second interview, and four years on I’m still waiting the know the outcome. And lately, five weeks after the interview, I have e-mailed a group twice to know if they have made their decision and they’ve not even been courteous enough to reply. Judging by what I hear from other designers, I doubt these are isolated cases.

So a plea to those who interview – please make it a habit to just take a couple of minutes to inform the unsuccessful candidates, who have taken the time to prepare for your interviews.

Nigel Smith, by e-mail

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