7 February 2008

Random House redesigns Louis de Bernières

Book publisher Random House is redesigning the entire back catalogue of Louis de Bernières’ novels to coincide with the launch of his new book, The Partisan’s Daughter.The design work is a collaboration between Random House creative director Suzanne Dean, illustrator Rob Ryan and designer Anna Crone, and aims to give the books a ‘series’ style.Dean […]

Designs for George Rodger exhibition of war photos

One hundred powerful photographs by wartime photojournalist George Rodger are to appear at a major exhibition of his work launching at the Imperial War Museum North in Manchester.The Contact: George Rodger’s War Photographs exhibition, designed by Manchester-based consultancy Hemisphere, tells the story of how the challenges and changing nature of photojournalism in wartime shaped Rodger’s […]

Tank resists challenge from BAT

Tank is standing its ground against British American Tobacco, which wants it to halt the manufacture of a miniature novel packaged in a cigarette box-style pack.BAT claims that the cover of Ernest Hemingway’s The Snows of Kilimanjaro and The Undefeated too closely resembles its Lucky Strike cigarette packet design.The tobacco manufacturer has asked Tank to […]

Obesity creates challenge for pack designers

Consumers are making active attempts to eat more healthily, but the threat of obesity is showing no sign of slowing down, according to a recent Datamonitor report.This contradiction persists despite efforts by food manufacturers, retailers and designers to highlight the nutritional content of their products using labelling systems on packaging. Supporters of these labels say […]

Domotechnica under the spotlight

How do you design products that will please today’s aspirational and demanding 50-plus audience – and make them part with their money? Scott Billings addresses the issue on the eve of household appliance fair Domotechnica in CologneOld people are younger than they used to be. It’s oxymoronic, of course, but this little aphorism sums up […]

News in pictures

Alpha Men, an exhibition of work by illustrator and graphic designer Dotan Bahat on the theme of masculinity, runs at the Macondo galleries in London’s Hoxton Square and Islington, until 2 March.

Searching for staying power

Sweden having such an entrenched good reputation when it comes to design, visitors to the Stockholm Furniture Fair can be sure of seeing fabulous products, even if they are not the most innovative on the furniture fair circuit. This year, however, there was a fresh flavour and a few standout events, including the launch of […]

Do you need outside help?

Non-executive directors are often perceived to have a role only in big businesses – custodians of governance in companies that have audit commissions, health and safety officers, pension packages, stock market listings and top-floor fitness centres with v


Dutch design group KesselsKramer is opening a London office, but how will its idealistic approach fit in with the commercial realities of the UK market? Clare Dowdy speaks to co-founder Erik KesselsHow should the UK’s design industry feel that one of The Netherlands’ best-respected creative agencies is opening its doors in London? Flattered? Excited? Threatened? […]

The market leaders are best placed to make a difference

Our Green and pleasant land, is it really going to happen? I agree with Jim Davies (Private View, DW 24 January), and fully support his view that it’s up to us as designers to find new ways of expressing Greenness; to keep it fresh, exciting and invigorating so people don’t feel tired, turn off and […]

The Church should use design to appeal to men

Referring to your recent articles on Christian visual communications (Comment and News Analysis, DW 24 January), I think they are more highly developed than either suggests. A clear understanding of good design is reflected in the publications of evangelical publishers like Lion-Hudson, which has been very design-aware since the 1980s. Not to mention Scripture Union. […]

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