The Olympic logo sends me to sleep

On seeing the London Olympics logo this week, these are my, and I’m sure quite a few others’, opinions:

• The Olympic movement is about togetherness, but this execution is falling apart

• The logo would be better suited to a new Arthur C Clarke novel (2012)

• The text is illegible and does not portray confidence

• Our cleaner thought it looked like a house of cards that is falling apart!

• The logo will look awful reproduced at a small size

• It looks like a boulder smashing through the SS logo

• It lacks relevance – it should represent London, not a date

• KitKat is keen on the format (have a break, have a 2012 logo)

• A good identity should be unique, emotive and adaptable – they have that right, but it should also be good

• The more you look at the Z’s the more you want to nod off

Cliff Owen, Creative director, Watt, Bradford BD10 9TQ

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