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Screen-printing as a craft resonates with artists and designers. Not only is it a well-respected way to attain a multiple of one design or illustration, the hands-on process of ink and screen-printing bed combines usefulness with a touch of nostalgia. New screen-printing exhibition Edition/Power in Numbers at the Bodhi Gallery, organised by Cure Studio and Print Club London, showcases work from more than 40 artists from around the world. ‘The quality of the artist is the measure of a good screen-printing exhibition, and we have the most dedicated, persistent and thought-provoking artists working today,’ says Cure Studio’s James Hurst, who curated the exhibition and printed all the works together with Print Club London’s Fred Higginson. Selecting from more than 450 submissions, the exhibition deliberately mixes emerging and established artists, work that may not otherwise be seen in the UK, and shows as wide a response to the theme ‘power in numbers’ as possible. ‘There are pieces that will be admired on an aesthetic level, others that will stimulate political discussion, and a few that people will be surprised and potentially revolted by,’ says Hurst. ‘That combination has been our measure of an interesting exhibition.’ Artists featured include Rose Stallard, Alain Magallon, Claudia Boldt, Damien Frost, Emmi, Jake Blanchard, Jez Burrows and Peter James Field, and a series of networking and entertainment events will run alongside their work. There will also be a screen-printing bed installed in the gallery, so plenty of opportunity to get ink on your hands.Edition/Power in Numbers is at the Bodhi Gallery, 214 Brick Lane, London E1, until 27 May

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  • Tony Hawkes November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    Absolutely brilliant show – loved it and bought a few amazing prints to boot….

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