8 January 2009

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Studio Archirivolto will present its latest range of chairs, Nord- Sud-Ovest-Est, at the Milan furniture fair in April.

Unearthly inspiration

Anyone expecting insights into Voodoo’s roots in West Africa, or its synthesis with Christianity by the African diaspora, will probably be disappointed.

Folding stuff

Cardboard is alive with possibilities. A new wave of enthusiasts is using it as room dividers, event decor and exhibition vitrines. Its eco-friendliness and low cost give it enduring appeal,

Flower power

American textile designer Alexander Girard was a favourite of Herman Miller in the 1950s – as well as a noted retail innovator. Some of his bright, folk-themed ideas have been


Towards the end of my school career, I was sent by a craft, design and technology teacher to a screen-printing studio, based in an old Rochdale schoolbuilding, called Peopleprint. Perhaps

New year, new reality

Christmas is but a distant memory, and the harsh facts of life in the downturn are about to hit home. Adrian Shaughnessy tells designers what they can expect

News in Pictures

Katie Scott has created the illustrations for the new CD by comedians John Lloyd and Bill Bailey, The Museum of Curiosity, which is being released today

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