Madam Lacleur, collage from The Mysteries of Udolpho series, 1975

Intangible fantasy

With the latest crop of graphics students bursting on to the design scene, it’s a good time to consider some of the grand masters, too. The Royal College of Art

DHA Design’s scheme for the Who Am I? gallery

Lights, action…

Dramatic lighting can add a touch of theatricality to any museum or gallery project, but designers must be wary of showcasing the technology at the expense of the exhibits. Anna

A graphic showing Government public spending

Facts in focus

Social media and wider access to official statistics have led to an explosion of raw data awaiting analysis. Scott Billings looks at the way designers are visualising that information to

Lee and Kapil Gupta

Profile: Serie Architects

A theoretical approach based on the cumulative intelligence of structures underpins the award-winning output of this multinational architectural studio. Anna Richardson talks to one of its co-founders about ceilings and


Shop Union Market is opening in an old Tube station – what is the most interesting environment you have worked in?

Best of the Web If the pain of England’s dismal performance in the Fifa World Cup has subsided a little, you may want to check out The New York Times site that has

The biggest gamble

Who needs high-concept advertising stunts and sophisticated viral marketing when there are good old sheet metal ads? Hugh Pearman moots a return to more permanent methods

A broader canvas

Project Canvas could spark a revolution in the way we consume visual media, and digital designers are excited about its interactive potential. But they still foresee a role for conventional

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