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If the pain of England’s dismal performance in the Fifa World Cup has subsided a little, you may want to check out The New York Times site that has a more design-related take on the winners and losers. Alice Rawsthorn looks at the designs of the boots, the shirts, the logo and the ball in this year’s tournament.

Photographer Alex Telfer’s stunning websiteis definitely worth taking a look at. If you activate the full-screen mode his portfolio of photographs will reel past in beautifully crisp detail. Telfer works mainly within the advertising, design and editorial sectors of the industry.

This interesting post on the Londonist site explores the peaks and troughs of London’s Twitter traffic in the style of a contoured map. The data comes from University College London’s Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis and was crafted by Fabian Neuhaus for his Urban Tick blog.

Design consultancy Jones Knowles Ritchie reviews the new look of Wonder Woman, 69 years after her debut on the world stage. Unfortunately, she has lost her star-spangled shorts, much to the disappointment of JKR, which hopes the new costume will be returned to the closet.

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