Like most children of the 1970s, Star Wars and Lego both had a significant influence on my young imagination and now, 30 years on, they have joined forces and returned to my life as a parent… and it’s brilliant!

Lego Star Wars has been the talk of the under-tens for the past 12 months. It combines the intelligence and humour of Lego with the adventure and visual impact of Star Wars and I have to admit that I’m embarrassingly hooked – to the point where Dad isn’t necessarily just ‘helping’ anymore.

We’re currently working on a high street children’s retail project and find it amazing that a lot of design aimed at the under-tens can be patronising and seriously underestimate how sophisticated their lives can be.

Lego Star Wars has got it nailed. It doesn’t talk down to its audience, is completely knowing in its sense of humour and manages to do action brilliantly without being violent. I’m not a big computer game fan, but this is great to look at, true to both brands and non-gender-specific so my two can play happily(ish) together – a miracle in itself.

Inspiring for my day-to-day projects? Maybe not directly, but as a cynical, moaning designer, it has really bought a smile to my face and that can only help me from being taken over by the dark side.

May the force be with you.

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