Real McCoy UDV whisky

Tutssels has repositioned an essentially fmcg product as a collectors item through this authentic packaging for two, new limited edition UDV whiskies.

The whiskies were taken from both the client’s existing Lagavulin and its discontinued Glenlochy single malt whisky ranges, and distilled back in 1966 and 1965, respectively.

Just two bottles of each whisky have been packaged in Tutssels’ new designs.

‘Authenticity was the key aim for both [the Lagavulin and Glenlochy] whiskies. We wanted to remain true to the packaging style of the era in which they were distilled and to target the connoisseur through traditional packaging techniques,’ says Tutssels deputy creative director Nick Hanson.

‘Modern whiskies use other techniques – such as bright label colours – to make them stand out on the shelf, but we didn’t need to do that. We were creating something for a collector, not trying to catch the eye of a shopper.’

One bottle of each whisky will be displayed at UDV’s archive in Scotland. The other two bottles will be auctioned at Christie’s on behalf of the Wine & Spirits Benevolent Society.

‘All elements of the design are intended to reinforce the idea of age and the quality that comes with that. The Lagavulin labelling is laid out like a certificate with stamps and signatures to authenticate the product, while the Glenlochy uses a typeface associated with the period [the Sixties],’ adds Hanson.

Hanson says the consultancy uses letterpress printing and embossing techniques on the labels to further emphasise the idea of quality.

The bottles will appear in Christie’s catalogue prior to the auction, which takes place on 18 November.

Design: Tutssels

Client: UDV

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