Kimpton Creative works up matrix brand for Market Sentinel

Kimpton Creative has repositioned digital business consultancy Market Sentinel by creating a suite of branding materials based on a matrix graphic.

The Market Sentinel company provides business insight through data analysis and modelling.

David Kimpton creative director at Kimpton Creative says, ‘Market Sentinel came to us to inject their brand with a new lease of life and reposition them as a premium consultancy.

‘They needed a more powerful expression of themselves and to rationalise and simplify the presentation of their complex information.’

Kimpton says he has taken inspiration from the company’s proposition ‘empowering our clients to make connected decisions’ and created a binary matrix graphic, set in a grid of 1s and 0s.

Across branding materials 1s form a background grid so that 0s can take the form of different icons, such as binoculars.

‘The objects that are revealed represent the benefit Market Sentinel brings to their clients, for example providing clear guidance, solving complex problems or creating Eureka moments.’

The work has been delivered and will roll out across communications including monthly client reports and white papers.

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