Print on the edge

An upcoming show by Kingston University students looks at the changing role of print in design.

Fasut 2012, by Hannah Simpson
Faust 2012, by Hannah Simpson

The Edge, which is being put on by graduating illustration and graphic design students, aims to examine what print means to the individual students and to the industry at large.

Curated by Rebecca Davies and Mark Harris, the show features 25 reponses to print, in various media.

The Flat Earth, by Sophia O'Connor
The Edge of a Sentence, by Helen Ferguson

Esther Robinson’s work 4940 ply takes 4940 off-cuts from printers’ C series paper (larger than standard A sizes to accommodate crop marks) and layers them up to create a new C2 surface for print, which is then overlaid with its own printers’ marks.

4940 Ply, by Esther Robinson
4940 Ply, by Esther Robinson

Rebecca Truscott-Elves’ work – ‘enough beauty already, we must be sublime!’ is digitally printed on either side of a leaf of Bible paper.

Work by Rebecca Truscott-Elves
Work by Rebecca Truscott-Elves

Work by Rebecca Truscott-Elves
Work by Rebecca Truscott-Elves

The Edge is at Stour Space, 7 Roach Road, Fish Island, London E3 from 1 March-2 April.

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  • caitlin evans November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    just to let you know, you’ve mislabeled he second image, its actually by helen ferguson

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