Royal Armouries seeks consultancies for design framework

The Royal Armouries museum in Leeds is setting up a new design framework covering exhibition design.

Royal Armouries

Source: Karen V Bryan

Royal Armouries runs four attractions, all of which would come under the rostered groups remit. These are the Leeds based Royal Armouries museum (pictured), the Tower of London, Fareham based Fort Nelson, and a Royal Armouries museum within the Kentucky based Frazier History museum.

Through and OJEU tender the museum has set out nine lots calling for, ‘provision of museum exhibition and display services incorporating design services RIBA stages C,D,E,F and G; build and installation RIBA stage K; art working; graphic print; graphic installation, interactive build and installation, AV content development and delivery; AV hardware and installation; architectural design services.’

Successful parties will be brought on to a four-year roster, according to Royal Armouries procurement officer Zoe Robinson, who says, ‘We currently have a framework but we’re looking to broaden the scope of it, so we can call on, say, renovation, architectural, or graphics groups whenever we need to.’

Interested parties have until 20 January to register interest and can contact For more information visit OJEU or email

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