Nursery school’s building blocks logo allows its name to be misspelt

South London’s Noddy’s Nursery Schools has a new identity made from a triangle of building blocks.

Noddy’s Nursery Schools has schools in Putney and Wimbledon. The rebrand has been created by consultancy Offthetopofmyhead at the organisation marks its 30th anniversary and following refurbishment of both schools.

The Noddy name apparently has nothing to do with the Enid Blyton character, but comes from the childhood nickname of one of the nursery’s founders.

Offthetopofmyhead creative director John Spencer says: “The old building blocks logo was clunky, lumpy and tired. But it had been around a long time and was well-loved by staff and parents. It was also very different to their competitors’ logos.”

The new identity uses the same building block concept, but “greatly simplified” says Spencer. He adds: “I’ve focused on the most important part of the name and sent the children to their rooms. And I’ve sorted out the troublesome apostrophe (which has to be there – it’s a school after all).”

The new arrangement of letters forms a triangle and allows the name to be read down as well as across. The letters can be inverted and the name misspelt “because,” says Spencer, “that’s what happens when kids play with building blocks.

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