Hot 50: FILM

Independent documentary-maker Gary Hustwit has put design in a starring role in two films over the past few years. First was Helvetica, an appraisal of the Swiss typeface through the eyes of design greats; then there was Objectified, released in the UK last year, which did the same for the design of objects.

While many were bemused by the notion of a typeface taking centre stage, Objectified prompted stern comments about focusing purely on objects, rather than the process behind them, not least from Apple design head Jonathan Ive, who featured in the movie.

But design is not just a film topic. The film industry absorbs designers for sets, special effects, titles and promotions, but some also cross over into the director’s role. Those who have done so include Daniel Barber, who directed Harry Brown, and Oliver Harrison, with Badinage as his debut feature. They are joined by James Bull of Moving Brands, who wrote and directed short drama Scotch Corner, and Garrick Hamm, of Williams Murray Hamm, whose second short is out this year.

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