Interaction Design

One of the biggest themes of the 2009 Interaction Design supplement is the rise of the App Store, fuelled by the many applications Apple has released for its iPhone.

Cynics rightly point out, though, that while the iPhone might be the accessory of choice with creatives, it isn’t as widely used elsewhere. Blackberry, for example, plays a stronger role among business users generally, and apps need to work on these devices if they are to gain universal acceptance. Nor is everyone convinced that digital interaction has really revolutionised human exchange. Interaction has always existed in art, commerce and socially. You could even say Facebook is just an update on the old pen pals system, which allowed teenagers to learn a language and appreciate other cultures.

However, you cannot deny the impact interaction design has on the way we live and communicate now, in the same way the printing press has since the 15th century. Of special interest is the diversity of digital design. It’s no longer just about selling, or providing information – it colours our cultural experiences. It also drives many an art movement. Long may this diversity continue – change is invariably a good thing, and in digital it is particularly rapid. Lynda Relph-Knight, Editor, Design Week

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