Can Google Glass read your mind?

A London-based design team claims to have created a device that lets users control Google Glass using just the power of their mind…

The MindRDR app has been developed by consultancy This Place. It apparently lets Google Glass wearers take photos and share them on social media simply using their brainwaves.

MindRDR uses a Neurosky EEG biosensor, which measures brainwaves. This can sense whether a user is concentrating on an object or scene and communicate with the Google Glass to take a photograph.

The app presents a horizontal line which sits in the middle of the screen. This moves down the screen when the user relaxes and up the screen the more they concentrate. When it moves right to the top of the screen it takes a photograph.

The next screen allows the user to either concentrate to move the line to the top of the screen and share the image, or relax to move the line to the bottom of the screen and discard it.

This Place says the development could have applications for people with locked-in syndrome, severe multiple sclerosis or quadriplegia.

The consultancy says it is in conversation with Professor Steven Hawking and others about developing the product.

Dusan Hamlin, founder and chief executive of The Place, says, ‘Google Glass is one of the world’s most recognisable and popular pieces of wearable technology, but after getting our hands on it, we saw huge potential to incorporate EEG technology so it benefits the wider society.

‘All we could think was: how can we make the user’s experience even better? We wanted to realise the true potential of Glass by allowing users to control it with their minds.’

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  • Michael Dale November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    I don’t think Glass as it stands will ever go mainstream, but I think the chance to develop technology that will help those with motor conditions is just brilliant. Every success to you.

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