Centre for Competitive Creative Design to reveal results

Results from the Centre for Competitive Creative Design will be presented on 28 June to show how London College of Communication and Cranfield University are producing ‘practical and conceptual’ research, according to institution directors.

C4D was set up as a joint initiative between LCC and Cranfield in 2008 and is funded by Sir George Cox, author of 2005’s Cox Report, through the Higher Education Funding Council.

Cox will open an address at the two-day event Design Matters: New Creative Synergies, on 28 June, before speakers talk about the importance of collaboration.

John Thackara, director of Doors of Perception, will lecture on 29 June. His organisation facilitates collaboration between educators, entrepreneurs and designers.

There will also be addresses by Anne Valtonen, head of design research and foresight at Nokia in Helsinki and rector of the Umeå Institute of Design, and by Alex Taylor, a member of the Socio Digital Systems Group at Microsoft Researches Cambridge Lab.

Dr Alison Prendiville, deputy director of C4D and LCC University of the Arts London, says that Cranfield University and LCC represent engineering and design respectively, but offer ‘different perspectives’ on projects.

Prendiville says, ‘Even graphic design and engineering have been matched. The institutions are poles apart, but collaboration has shown design to have a fresh and exciting role.’

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