Ico Design works on Science Museum interactives

Ico Design has created three interactive installations for London’s Science Museum, which is set to open two galleries in its refurbished Wellcome Wing this weekend.

The Who Am I gallery will host Ico’s Find Out More, Tell, and Updates deep content interactives, exploring brain science, genetics and human behaviour.

The three touchscreen terminals replace existing kiosks and will be positioned around the gallery to help visitors explore subjects in greater depth, read about new developments, give feedback and read the comments of other visitors.

Identifying a need for strong images, graphics and colour, the consultancy says the new interactives will be clearer and more intuitive than the outgoing interfaces. Text, images and video have been pulled from the museum’s archive and the consultancy has developed animations and hand-drawn illustrations.

All of Us has designed the Me Three interactive, the main installation in the Who Am I gallery, which covers the gallery threshold and backdrop.

For more on the Science Museum galleries and interactive exhibition design, see tomorrow’s issue of Design Week.

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