Fairies and monsters

Hairy wolf-men, club-wielding ogres and mischievous imps inhabit a new paper cut by designer Damian O’Hara. It’s been created for arts festival Fairy Tales & Monsters, held at London’s Kings Place next month, which will also be populated by similar childhood imaginings.

Damian O'Hara's papercut for the festival
Damian O’Hara’s papercut for the festival

The festival itself features a celebration of the music Vernon Elliot created for the likes of The Clangers, Ivor the Engine, Pogle Wood, Noggin the Nog; a tribute concert to blind New York beat poet Moondog and lively art and music ensemble the Age of Not Believing Orchestra.

The programme’s highlight looks to be a workshop and performance from Paper Cinema, a charming outfit who create live animations to improvised music using paper puppets and marionettes. Subscribers can read a profile of Paper cinema from the Design Week archive here.

Paper Cinema
Paper Cinema

In the branding, O’Hara has referenced 25 different fairytales and a few classic old movie monsters for the cut. He says, ‘I wanted this one to have an organic almost woven feel like the elements of a good story.’

Paper CinemaO'Hara's custom typeface
O’Hara’s custom typeface

The designer has also created a custom typeface for the event which references those highly decorative fairytale fonts and has a similar feel to the illustration.

Fairy Tales & Monsters runs from 9-11 June at Kings Place, 90 York Way, London N1.

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