Saffron rebrands C&A

Saffron Brand Consultants has created new branding for clothing retailer C&A, which is marking its 170th anniversary this year.


The new branding is to roll out initially across Germany – which is C&A’s main market – following implementation in a pilot store in Cologne.

C&A then plans to open new stores in Germany and revamp its existing stores. The new branding will then roll out across Europe, Mexico, Brazil and China over the next 12 months.

Dutch brand C&A pulled out of the UK high street in 2001.

Saffron was appointed to the work directly in 2008 and was briefed to make the C&A brand ‘relevant to today’s world while staying true to its unique culture, values and heritage’.

The consultancy says that following research it developed a brand that reflects C&A’s values, which are ‘that C&A truly cares for its customers, for its own people and for its impact on the world’, as well as having ‘a rich history of promoting innovation on the high street’.

The brand’s visual expression was developed with Hamburg-based Factor Design and the new identity will roll out through product development, internal communications, corporate social responsibility and in-store experience.

Saffron chairman Wally Olins says, ‘C&A is a remarkable story of longevity, durability and consistency.

‘But to stay where they are in a marketplace that is changing fast, we had to help them rediscover their core values and express them visually across all manifestations of the organisation: stores, online, everything – remembering that C&A is, fundamentally, about the family, but the family as it is today, not as it once was.’

Thorsten Rolfes, head of communications at C&A, says, ‘The new brand is in line with our iconic heritage and supports our ambition to constantly evolve and respond to the changing needs of our customers.’

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    …Am I missing something in the visual ID? It looks exactly the same

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