Dryden Goodwin’s Breathe unveiled on side of St Thomas’ Hospital

A video screen animation by artist Dryden Goodwin was unveiled today on London’s St Thomas’ Hospital, which is big enough to be observed from  Westminster Bridge and The Houses of Parliament.

One of the 1000 sketches by Goodwin
One of the 1000 sketches by Goodwin

The work, Breathe, has been designed to draw attention to the research of King’s College Professor Frank Kelly, an expert on lung health, and an advisor to the government on air pollutants.

For the work Goodwin has created an animation from over 1000 sketches of his son breathing.

Part of the animation movement
Part of the animation movement

Organisers say the piece will face commuters and tourists with a moving image showing the ‘universal act of drawing breath’ which will become ‘intertwined with the rhythms of the city.’

Kelly’s research, the Exhale programme, has looked at the effect at measures such as the Congestion Charge and the Low Emission Zone on the lung health of children in East London.

One of the 1000 sketches by Goodwin
Sketch from Breathe by Dryden Goodwin and location shot

The artist’s work is a response to this, and through its scale and sculptural presence, it is also a comment on the representation of male children throughout art history.

Curator Alice Sharp says, ‘The dramatic scale of the Breathe projection high up on the skyline next to the Houses of Parliament will highlight Dryden Goodwin’s extraordinary draughtsmanship and at the same time the fragility of a child drawing breath.

Impression of how Breath will look when it is unveiled
Impression of how Breathe will look when it is unveiled

‘Goodwin’s drawing resonates with us the dangers that children living in our cities are facing everyday from our polluted air caused by traffic emissions.’

Breathe runs until 28 October at dusk every night on Gassiot House, St Thomas’ Hospital. In addition there is a discussion with Dryden Goodwin, Professor Frank Kelly and Joan Walley, MP, Environmental Audit Committee Chair, hosted by the Environmental Audit Committee and the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology from 2:00-4.00PM on 16 October, Westminster Bridge Road, SE1.

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