Bloom repackages Horlicks

Bloom has created new packaging designs for hot milky drink Horlicks.


The consultancy says the work is part of a move by the brand to focus on everyday nutrition and reposition itself away from its traditional bedtime image.

Jill Marshall, managing director of Bloom, says, ‘The sun emerging from behind the clouds combined with a sharper typeface will take the brand into a drink for any occasion.’

She adds, ‘Vibrant images of barley will bring the wholesome characteristics of the brand to life.’

Bloom is rostered with Horlicks brand owned GlaxoSmithKline and has worked with Horlicks since 2007, which is when it previously redesigned the packaging. It was appointed to this latest project without a pitch in November 2010.

Stephanie Holland, commercial director at Horlicks, says, ‘Our new look packaging has been designed to appeal to a wider range of consumers, including mums, as Horlicks has a strong emotional value and is most successful when passed down through the generations.’

The packaging will be applied across the whole range, which comprises traditional, light and chocolate varients. It is set to launch on 10 October.

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