Lounge Link

Back in July, we brought you the multimedia feast that was news of Priestman Goode’s Moving Platforms idea, and now they’re back with more futuristic musings in the form of Lounge Link.

The concept aims to improve transit services and make the journeys to and from airports – such as on the Stansted or Heathrow express trains-  a far more pleasurable experience.

As Priestman Goode points out, while aircraft cabin interiors have been drastically improved with design innovations over the last 15 years, the process of actually moving through airports and to your final destination have been somewhat left behind.


Lounge Link capitalises on the precious few minutes on a train service where travellers can make the most of the time before they board an aircraft, even enabling them to check in as they travel. Business travellers, in particular, are often keen to utilise the time to download files and send emails, yet the current train interiors are little suited to this purpose.


Partitioned workstations mean that high-powered types can be sure no prying eyes can snoop on their business, using sliding partitions to adjust the level of privacy on offer. There are also essentials such as lamps, bag storage, power points, and, naturally drink holders to make the entire experience a lot more user-friendly.


This ‘moving office’ style layout, however, isn’t simply a clinical extension of the workspace. the concept focuses on creating ‘lounge-like’ interiors with leather armchairs and ‘soft ambient light spills.’ Cosy.

It is also proposed that the interiors will feature a flight information display and a dedicated monitor for check in, ensuring you’re connected to the hilt at every step of the journey.

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