Ballantine’s limited edition, by Leif Podhajsky


Leif Podhajsky has designed a range of gift packs for Ballantine’s Scotch Whisky, marking the beginning of its Artist Series.

The designs reference both the product and the Scottish landscape. A Ballantine’s Finest tin expresses the movement of liquid and the gold colour of the Finest blend.

The Neoprene material Finest Sleeve shows fire and water, two of the most important elements involved in the whisky making process, according to Ballantine’s.

Ballantine’s 12 Year Old tin features an abstract interpretation of Scotland’s Highlands comprising bright skies, flowing streams and rugged landscapes.

Podhajsky, who is primarily known as a record sleeve designer, says: “Before starting on the designs for Ballantine’s I spent time in Scotland exploring the rugged, natural landscapes and getting to understand the process of whisky making to get inspiration.

“Immersing myself in this way is exactly how I work when I’m designing album cover artwork too; after a while something just clicks and the designs start to form organically. I take inspiration from everything in my life; the Ballantine’s Artist Series partnership has given me complete creative freedom and allowed me to stay true to my own artistic style.”

The bottles were unveiled at album art talks series Cover Club where Leif Podhajsky was in conversation.

Sleeve front
Ballantine’s Finest
Sleeve back
Finest packshot (1)
12yr close
Ballantine’s 12 year Old


12yr front
Ballantine’s 12 Year Old