Drygate beers, by John Felix

Drygate Cans 4 Up Front

Freelance artist, John Felix, has designed new artwork for Drygate beers.

The four beers are sold in cans for the first time, and feature individual designs comprising Chimera India Pale Lager, Crossing the Rubicon India Pale Ale, Orinoco Breakfast Stout and Disco Forklift Truck.

“The design brief was to build on the beer names which are rich in iconography,” says John Felix.

“Chimera is the Greek mythological hybrid of a lion, goat, and snake, which I had great fun transforming into three strutting Glaswegians each representing one of those animals.

The national launch of cans to independent retailers reflects the small batch nature of the brews and Drygate’s prioritisation of more experimental and innovative beers.

Artist John Felix and Drygate's Chris Moriarty
Artist John Felix and Drygate’s Chris Moriarty